Singing is expressing your feeling to someone in melodic or pleasant way with their entire interest, satisfaction, and happiness


Indian classical music or hindustani music is one of the cultures which is passed on from generation to generation. It is also known as bharatiya shastriya music. It is sung with strict rules and regulation of the sur, taal and laya.


Semi classical music is generated from a small part of classical music but the nature of singing is quite different like thumri, tapa, drupad, dhamaar. Normally the bols are related to lord krishna. In this type of music because it has its own feel in it. The raag are being used in the type but some of the rules and regulation are only used in it.


Its preaching of god using the mean of music with the devotional feelings. It has to be DONE IN a meditating way. Bhajan is something to sing for the supreme lord for everyone’s fair in life….. here we ask lord, praise the lord and here we only preach for lord not for any religion.


Ghazal is started from urdu poems. It's a singing style where we ask a question in the first line and in the next line the answer is given with a suspance. It's a poetic expression of humans pain, love, loss, and messages about humanity, life and many more. Each line sharing the same matter with different words including the same meaning, feel, pain and love. Generally ghazal are written about lovers life ghazal requires a lot of boys.


Qawwali is something same as ghazal but the way of singing is different. It is sung by a group of guys and girls. It's a form of sufi devotional music and the tempo of qawwali is a bit fast from ghazal. It is mostly famous with the different style of clap which is used as a beat


The music which is certain used in playback singing in bollywood films is known as bollywood music proper play singing upon the whole script.


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