Welcome To Best Music School in Gurgaon

Music is something which we can find in many things in a single medium. Music is with something which is found with every single living and non-living things. So to music one should have to maintain a comradeship relation with the reconcile with cosmos. Our institute, try and maintain the relation we as two pure souls. Sai blessed music school, is a unique school of music where students not only learn about music but also the ways to find it in their surroundings. This school will teach you how to express your happiness, your imagination, through pleasant harmony. Here you will be learning about how music is formed, how MUSIC IS related to us in our day to day life in a harmonic and pleasant way. We are always forward to listen and APPRECIATE NEW creations and music is not an easy thing to d but we assure you that you will make good music atour institution. But you will also have to make equal efforts by your side.


Singing is expressing your feeling to someone in melodic or pleasant way with their entire interest, satisfaction, and happines.

Musical Instruments

There are two types of instruments. Percussion instrument or beat instrument and melodic instruments. Melodic instruments are the instruments where we can identify the melody where as in percussion or beat instruments it quite impossible.